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We help you build the future.
Liang Rong Machinery (HAUTZA PRCISE) Co., Ltd. Established in Nov. 1993. We are providing quality metal key components machining contract manufacturing service.
We diversified our produciton equipment to serve our clients’ need in 3/4 Axis Milling, Turning, Turning & Milling Center, Horizontal Machining Center and 5 Axis Machining. We have fully implemented CAD/CAM through out the process from design to production. We are offering mechanical parts Turn-Key production service from

Metal Forming ( Die Casting / Sand Casting / Gravity Casting / Lost Wax Casting / Hot & Cold Forging / Metal Extrusion / MIM / Sheet Metal Fabrication )
Heat Treatment
Surface Treatment

We carry out our clients’ concept of design through sample build stage. trial run to successfully mass production.

We persistently keep up with world quality standard and endeavour to follow through ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System and AS9100D Aerospace Quality Management System so that to stay in IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group) qualified supplier list.

With over 25 years of manufacturing experience, we continuously serving our clients from diversified industries such as Medical, Telcom, Electronics, Semiconductor, Aerospace, Military, Optical, Automobile, Machinery and Automaiton.

What we do ? We enable your ideation.

At LR, a highly trained end-to-end metalwork team work together to offering diverse and specilized services tailored to our customers’ preference and need. Upholding the highest standards we set for ourselves, the services and products would be a best prove of our commitment.

Production Process




CNC Machining




Post Treatment






Metal Forming



Service Process



Drawing review; Material confirmation; Tolerance check; Special request; Quotation obtained


Prototype; Mass Production; Inspection; Assembly; Packing


Labeling; Packaging


◦ 1993 Liang-rong estabilished with 2 CNC lathe.

◦ 1995 Purchase 2 more CNC lathe to enlarge

◦ 1996 To satisfy customer need, CNC milling*1 and traditional milling*1 were phrchased.

◦ 1996 Step into CNC milling business.

◦ 1998 Involve CAD/CAM to improve manufacturing process and raise the precision of products and efficiency of production

◦ 2000 Purchase CNC milling machines LV-1100, 4-axis equipment and precision measurement machines 2D CMM, Projector

◦ 2001 Business foucusing on computer and optical mechanical parts.

◦ 2003 Purchase CNC milling machines BM-1600

◦ 2004 Move to  Hsinchuan dist. to enlarge production capacity and purchase 4 more CNC milling equip.( LV-800*2, MV-1000A, LV-1200)

◦ 2004 ISO 9001 Certified

◦ 2006 Purchase CNC milling machines LV-800, LV-1000, LV-1200

◦ 2007 Purchase CNC milling machines*3 and 3D CMM to enhance the 3D measurement ability

◦ 2008 Purchase CNC lathe machines*3, milling planer*2, CNC milling machines*6

◦ 2010 Purchase robot arms to enhance the production efficiency and build an assembly line.

◦ 2011 To enlarge the production base, move again to Shulin Dist. Bade St. 

◦ 2011 Purchase compoound 3D CMM to enhance quality control and technology

◦ 2011 Purchase CNC lathe machines*3, CNC milling machines*5 and 4-axis, 5-axis equipment.

◦ 2015 Focus on  Aerospace Parts  production.

◦ 2015 Purchase CNC milling machine(YCM 1014).

◦ 2015 Add  International Sales department  to provide direct service to foreign customers.

◦ 2015 DMG 80 FD duoBlock 5-axis
milling/turning compact machine  equipped.

◦ 2015 First time exhibit at Fabtech Show in Chicago.

◦ 2016 First time exhibit at M-tech Tokyo.

◦ 2016 AS9100 Certified

◦ 2016 DMG DMC 125 FD douBlock 5-axis
Milling/Turning Machine equipped.

◦ 2018 Second production site expansion project start.


◦ 2018 Purchase Vertical Lathe*2, 5 axis euqipment*3 (YSP-VL1000*2, DMG-FD duoBlock 5axis*1, Mazak Variaxis i800*2)

◦ 2019 First time exhibit at M-tech Osaka.

◦ 2020 Second production site completion. (Production area ttl: 15000m2)

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Company Brochure